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    Dominique, Associate Director, Hope & Glory PR.

    Over all of our Hope & Glory shoots Mark has worked on with us, it’s clear he possesses an intuitiveness, which I can only surmise he gleaned and developed through his work and travels with various cultures and peoples throughout the world. His way of communicating is such that sets his clients and those around him at ease.

    Be it on set, as in the Ben Fogle series or high pressure wedding shoot, you will feel relaxed. Mark will make you feel like having your photo taken is the most natural in this world.

    Dominique, Associate Director, Hope & Glory PR.

    Keith Burns, One to One Workshop, Isle of Man.
    I’ve been a hobbyist photographer for about four years and was a bit apprehensive meeting Mark.
    But straight away Mark was welcoming and easy to chat to. He set me challenges and helped me understand my camera settings in way that that a thousand YouTube videos never did.

    I was learning new photography techniques whilst immersed in the beautiful scenery of the Isle of Man.

    Mark is a patient teacher, with a great ability to explain everything in a way that I could easily understand.  Worth every penny and more. I will be using Mark again in the future and would highly recommend this great experience.

    Keith Burns, One to One Workshop, Isle of Man.

    David & Sophie Alvarez

    Mark was professional and approachable from the outset.  He arrived at the venue and proceeded to carryout a thorough recce of the surroundings, including the village below us.  This ensured  all the best photo opportunities would be covered.  His natural way with people had everyone feeling at ease.  He even managed to make my Mum and best friend feel at ease in front of the camera, and they loved his results!  Mark is a natural talent for not only photography, but for communication.

    Mark’s work is spectacular.  Anyone wanting a wedding album that is truly above that of any I have seen before should not think twice to working with Mark. We cannot thank you enough!

    David & Sophie Alvarez


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