Would You Come to Majorca to photograph our Wedding?

That’s where it started.
Sounded like a great gig I thought to myself.  Photograph the wedding, then have a few days surfing on the North Coast.  I asked Dave the date.  This would be a fly out, drive to, the wedding, recce the location/venue, wedding preparation, wedding ceremony and wedding reception photography shoots, sleep.  Then drive back to the airport and fly back to UK.  To cut a long story short, I agreed.  My plan was to arrive on the Friday on the North of the island in preparation for the wedding on the Saturday.  This would give me all the time I needed to recce the venue and the coastal township below.  The only flight returning that would get me back for an already booked in commercial photography shoot was Sunday morning; meaning a 5am departure on a local bus back to the airport the morning after the wedding day.  Tough schedule but all doable in the name of love!


Mark Boyd Photography

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