As a wedding venue Dauntsey Country House ticked all the boxes for wedding photography.  The grounds, the house and the wedding chapel were all right there on site.  A really lovely venue for a wedding.

With my right forearm encased in a purple cast, holding my recently pinned wrist together, photography wouldn’t exactly be as straightforward as it normally would. As a professional wedding photographer, having one’s limbs out of order is inconvenient at best.  Firstly the movement in my wrist and fingers was restricted, and secondly holding the camera in one position awaiting for the right moment to fire the shutter made my healing wrist ache.  Today’s wedding photography shoot was going to be a strong physical challenge!

On my arrival at the wedding venue, Stuart, the groom, was ready to greet me out front. He seemed very relaxed, and was enjoying the warm weather. We revisited the overall plans for their wedding day, whilst Stuart showed me around the grounds of Dauntsey Country House.  What a wonderful venue for Stuart and Ana’s wedding ceremony and reception.

Ana, the beaming bride to be, was all smiles, giggles and brimming with excitement.  Stuart seemed as cool as cucumber, looking suave in his deep blue suit.  The sun was blazing and the air was warm.  It really was a really great day for a wedding!

Wedding photography was not permitted within the chapel, and Stuart and Ana only wanted a handful of memorable images to capture their day.  We stuck to a simple list of images.

Before the ceremony.
After the ceremony.
In the country house gardens.
The speeches.

The bride and groom had decided on an intimate wedding, with only a few close friends and family present for the entire day and what a beautiful day it was.

This small taster selection of reportage style images below, will go some way to providing you with a taste of Stuart & Ana’s special day when they got married in at Dauntsey Coutry Park in Malmesbury.

Thank you choosing me to be your wedding photographer, putting your trust in me to capture one of the most intimately special days.  This was a day, not just for you, but for your nearest and dearest family and friends, so thanks again.

Enjoy married life!

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